The Grant Process

  1. Review the parameters

    Grantseekers are urged to review our parameters for grantmaking. See What We Fund.

  2. The Initial Request form

    If your organization’s project falls within our parameters, we welcome you to submit an Initial Request online. This is the only submission format that will be accepted. You may submit an Initial Request at any time.

    Please note that, while there are no word limits in the online submission form, we value conciseness and clarity of communication. We expect a submission roughly equivalent to a 1-2 page letter. You may find it helpful to prepare your Initial Request in a Microsoft Word or similar document format, and then paste it into the online form.

  3. Full proposal – by invitation only

    We will review your Initial Request, and, generally within 30 days, we will let you know if you are invited to submit a formal proposal. In some cases we may request more information or require a personal meeting before our decision.

    If you are asked to submit a full proposal, please refer to the Instructions for Full Proposal, which can be downloaded as a Word document here.

  4. Grant decision

    Typically, we meet with applicants at least once during the application process. Depending on whether modifications to the proposal are required, we usually are able to notify applicants of our final grant decision within 2 months of the Initial Request.

Apply for a Grant here.