is a private foundation established in 2000, based on the belief that all children should be able to grow up in a loving, caring environment where basic needs are met and opportunities exist to grow and develop into productive, responsible community members.

Our Mission

Frog Rock’s mission is to improve long-term outcomes for underserved children in Westchester County, New York. We focus on addressing the impacts of adverse childhood experiences, with primary attention to poverty. We seek to improve children’s lives in the short term and to strengthen the skills of families and caregivers over the long term.

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Our Values

The following values guide Frog Rock’s grantmaking:

  • Focus on long-term results, sustainable outcomes, and systemic change
  • Collaboration with grantees to build capacity and innovate
  • Open and honest communication about what works and what needs improvement

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Our Name

The name “Frog Rock” comes from a rock outcropping in a local neighborhood that resembles a frog’s shape. It is a favorite climbing and exploring spot for kids – a place that symbolizes to us the freedom to play, learn and belong to a community that each and every child deserves.

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